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VeteranStrong.TV shows and videos offer the training to help you grow and profit from your online business.

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Business Training Moduless

Our Business Training Modules give you step-by-step guidance on how to create a website focused on generating online income. Here is the outline for the Business Training Modules.

When you get your own Business In A Box, you start off with a ready-to-go website with 50,000 office products on it, just like Staples, or Business Depot. Even better, you don't have to worry about the updating the products, ordering or shipping, and you're paid up to 15% commission on each product sold.

In fact, your can expand your Business In A Box website to include additional revenue streams such as selling your own products or services from your online store, including selling other company products. You can create your own eBooks, launch membership sections, add Google's pay-per-click ads, or create your own pay-per-click links. You can also send leads to companies that you recommend, and set up your own directories, just like Angie's List. 

Everything you can do is outlined in your marketing strategies. 

Work Force One - VeteranStrong's Business Course

We offer course credits for veterans, to go towards your degree, plus we will pay for your Business In A Box website for an entire year! After that, you can choose to keep your online business.

The course, Work Force One, will teach you how to create an online business, and business plan, so you can enjoy the luxury of working from anywhere, at anytime from your own online business. 

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Work Force One Examination Questions

Accredited Course - Business Plan For Creating An Online Business

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